Azure Anomaly Detector Cognitive Service

2/25/2020 (5 of 5 Blog Post on Azure Cognitive Services)

On February 25th, 2020, I will be presenting on Azure Anomaly Detector Cognitive Service at Microsoft's Technical Center in Burlington, MA for the North Boston Azure Cloud User Group. I will update this post with any slides/code I used during the presentation. I encourage to you to come to this free event.

In this blog post I will be giving a short introduction to Azure Anomaly Detector Cognitive Service. I will have additional blog posts to dive into the various Azure Cognitive Service offerings. The goal of these posts is to help you to get up and running with as little effort as possible. These posts will be short and to the point. For a deeper dive I will always direct you towards the official documentation. To get a brief overview of Azure's Cognitive Services please see my previous post Azure Cognitive Services Overview

Anomaly Detection is the process of identifying unexpected events. This is based on two assumptions: Anomalies occur very rarely, and they differ from the norm significantly. Azure AI Cognitive Service Anomaly Detector API, now in preview, has the capability to detect any level of anomaly by ingesting time-series data of all types and applying the best-fitting detection model for your data to ensure high accuracy. Currently Azure is the only major cloud provider that offers anomaly detection as an AI service.

Azure Anomaly Detector Cognitive Service

Creating an Azure Anomaly Detector Cognitive Service Resource

Requirements: Azure Subscription

Create an Anomaly Detector Azure AI Cognitive Service Resource

  1. Log into your Azure Subscription
  2. Click on 'Create a resource'
  3. Type 'Anomaly Detector' in the search box and hit enter
  4. Click Create Button
  5. Enter a name Your resource name can only include 2 to 64 alphanumeric characters, '-', and can’t start or end with '-'
    It must also be gobal unique
    Try something like the following:
    AnomalyDetector-PlaceSomeRandomCharactersHere -> AnomalyDetector-wxie2
  6. Select the desired Azure Subscription. Chances are you only of one listed here.
  7. Location
    General you want to select the closes region to you or your customer.
    In this case select (US) East US
  8. Priceing Tier
    Select 'F0 (20000 transactions free per month)
    If this option is grayed out someone else in your organization is already using the free tier.
    To proceed you will have to select S0.
  9. Click 'Create new' for the Resource Group
    Enter 'AnomalyDetector-rg' and click Ok
  10. Click Create


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